How to Use a Router

A router is one of the most versatile woodworking power tools, this video will get you going on how to start using yours !

Putting bits in is the other thing, though, you’ll want to know. And, if I were going to put in one of these router bits, this how you do it.

I’m basically feeding it into the collet. You’ll feel it bottom out and what you’ll want to do is just tighten it up slightly at that point. But then, pull it out slightly. You don’t want it making contact with the bottom of the base there.

And then, tightening these up. This is pretty typical of most routers. Use two wrenches because there’s two nuts here that turn against each other.

So, what we’re going to do is just get the wrenches on. Tighten the bit. This you want to do pretty firmly. You can do most of it by hand and then use the wrenches. Get a bit tightened.

Okay. Now, depending on whether you’re using a plunge or stationary router, the next step involves adjusting the heights. And that’s different on each of these.

This is the more complicated machine. And, the way that you would set the height on this machine is that you can use this little turret system over here. This is a way to gradually take material at successive depths of the wood.

One of the limitations of routers, as opposed to using a table saw dado blade, is that you can’t take out the full amount, probably, that you want at once with a router bit.

So, for example. With a three quarter inch bit, if I need to go a half inch into the wood, I’m not going to do that all in one pass. Usually, the rule of thumb for router bits is you only want to take half of their width and depth at any one time. read more

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