How to plaster a wall

Learning to plaster at home can have a ton of benefits. It can save you money, allows you to decorate and renovate your house and can also provide a new profession for certain people. However I’ve found that many people don’t plaster because they just don’t know how to. People think its impossible to learn and only professionals can plaster your home. This isn’t true! I’ll walk you through the exact process to start plastering. —— Step 1 – Preparation You need to PVA the walls with a 3:1 water to PVA ratio. You apply 2 coats with a paint brush or a roller (the 2nd coat of PVA can only be applied when the 1st coat is completely dry). —— Step 2 – 1ST Coat of plaster —— Step 3 – 2nd Coat of plaster (20 mins after the 1st coat) —— Step 4 – Closing in (trowel out any ripples or marks on your wall). —— Step 5 – 1st Trowel (85 mins after your mix) —— Step 6 – 2nd Trowel (105 mins after mixing) —— Step 7 – final Cross trowel (120 – 140 mins after mixing) A Cross Trowel is where you trowel horizontally across the wall. This is a great way to provide a good finish. (Times and process provided from British Gypsum) It takes time and practice but with enough effort you have the ability to start plastering your own home.



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